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At Reach B(l)ack we believe that the first step in strengthening the pipeline of Black students into post-secondary education is ensuring that they know of the supports and communities that are there to cheer them on in their journey of success. 


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Giselle Hinds
Founder & CEO

Eronmosele Okotako
COO & Strategy Lead

In her own journey, Giselle overcame experiences of self-doubt and hesitation towards attending several post-secondary institutions.


It wasn’t until she attended Western University, and got engaged in socio-cultural clubs, that she realized that there was an undeniable gap in access to learning about these clubs between high school students and university.

And thus, Reach B(l)ack was born as her way to ensure that high school students would have access to learning about the amazing work and safe spaces universities offer to Black students, allowing a more comprehensive post-secondary application process.


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